Together we can make a difference to the welfare of animals by teaching others to treat them with sympathy, consideration, compassion and respect.
The SPCA speaks up for those who cannot speak for or defend themselves.
You can help that voice to be heard.
There are a number of different ways you can support our work financially, and your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Cash Giving

Every single donation, no matter the size, makes a difference to the lives of the animals in our care. Please follow the link below to donate securely online.
Alternatively, you can make a transfer to our ASB bank account: 12-3489-0014048-00

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Regular Giving

Regular Giving is a fantastic way to support us as it ensures reliable income for the shelter in the weeks and months to come. The value and frequency of your regular donations is entirely up to you, and if your donations total over $25 for the year, you will be invited to hold a 'Champion' membership.

Become a Regular Giver

Become a Champion

'Champions' is our name for Members, and it's great way of showing your support of SPCA Hastings and Districts. Champions receive:

  • an invitation to our AGM
  • voting rights at our AGM
  • quarterly newsletters
Sign up NOW to become a Champion for the animals of the Hastings and Districts area.

Become a Champion Now

Payroll Giving

Supporting SPCA Hastings and Districts through Payroll Giving is one of the valuable ways you can help us with our lifesaving work. Payroll Giving enables you to donate to us directly from your pay and claim an immediate 33.33% tax credit via PAYE on your donation. For example, if you donate $15, the actual cost to you is $10. Previous to the introduction of Payroll Giving, donors had to save their donation receipts and claim the tax refund back at the end of the tax year.

Read more about Payroll Giving below, and we welcome you to contact Sally on 878 8733 should you wish to discuss further.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

SPCA Hastings & Districts is extremely grateful to those thoughtful people who have left us gifts in their Wills to rescue and rehome the most vulnerable animals. Adding Hastings & Disticts SPCA to your Will is as easy as it is important. More information can be found here, and we welcome you to contact Sally on 878 8733 should you wish to discuss further.

Leave A Lasting Legacy Brochure

About Payroll Giving:

  • Payroll Giving is voluntary for both the employer and employee
  • Tax credits are 33.3% of the total donation
  • The PAYE is reduced by the amount of tax credit
  • Only organizations listed on with the Inland Revenue as a Donee Organisation qualify to receive donations via Payroll Giving
  • Employers can only offer the service to employees if they file their EMS (IR348) and EDF (IR345) electronically

Hastings and Districts SPCA is a Donee Organisation and is listed as HASTINGS AND DISTRICT SPCA on the Inland Revenue’s website under Donee Organisations.

Please pass on our bank account details and postal address to your employer for depositing donations:

Account Name: Hastings and Districts Branch of the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc. (Hastings & Districts Branch of the RNZSPCA)
Account Number: 12-3489-0014048-00
Postal Address: Hastings & District SPCA, PO Box 930, Hastings, 4156.

To get more information and a more in-depth explanation of the scheme, check out this information on the Government’s website.

If you are going to support our work in this way, please
let us know
so that we can arrange to send you newsletters and keep you informed about the difference you are making to animals’ lives.

Thank you for your support.