Found an Animal

Please try the following steps if you find a lost animal. Bear in mind that not all animals on their own are ‘lost’. Try not to interfere (unless the animal is in danger) until you are certain they are indeed lost and require assistance to find their way home. Some people let their dogs wander off their property, and some cats are confident enough to wander streets that aren’t their own.

All healthy dogs are the responsibility of the Hastings District Council. If the animal is young, injured, in danger, is a nursing mother or is elderly, then please contact us in the first instance on 06 878 8733 for further advice.
If you have found a healthy stray dog, please contact Animal Control on 06 871 5000. If the animal is registered they’ll be able to quickly reunite it with its owner.

Visit the vets
Take the animal to your local vets and ask them to scan it for a microchip. If the animal is microchipped then they will be able to quickly reunite it with its owner.

Visit Pets On The Net
Check the ‘lost’ listings and create a ‘found’ listing at This is a national database and the key website we recommend everyone uses.

Create a flyer
Make a flyer with a clear picture, description and your contact details. Distribute it locally via notice boards, mailboxes, neighbours, community centres etc.

Ask the neighbours
Knocking doors and asking neighbours if they own the animal or know who does can speed up the process of reuniting the animal with its owner.

Embrace social media
Embrace the power of social media to spread the word. There are plenty of lost and found pages on Facebook that can be used. Ask your friends to share your posts as well, this will get them seen by even more people.
Try these pages
Hawke’s Bay Missing, Lost and Found Animals
Anything Animal Hawke’s Bay
New Zealand Lost Pets Register
Rabbit Rescue Hawke’s Bay

Use Trade Me
Look on the Trade Me Lost & Found section to see if anyone is looking for their lost pet. You can also advertise your found animal on here for free.