A Happy Tail for Remus


Occasionally we have an animal in our care for a very long period of time, and we imagine some of them must think they’ll never leave their kennel or enclosure at the shelter.

One such animal was Remus; a gorgeous and happy boy. Despite his pleasant demeanour, he had trials with two families which were both unsuccessful as the fit wasn’t quite right. Being an energetic dog who requires stimulation meant he needed a family who could keep him occupied and keep up with him!

As our hopes were waning of the right guardians coming along, he was discovered by Sascha and her family. They had been looking for a child friendly character, and had visited the shelter several times previously but hadn’t yet found ‘the one’.

Upon meeting Remus and seeing his strong personality and playful nature shine through, off he went for a home trial. The shelter team were hopeful as ever, but tried to remain level-headed and open to the possibility of it not working out for a third time.

The worry was quickly eased though, as Remus’ kind and loving nature won his guardians over, and he fit nicely with their lifestyle.

Sascha says Remus has only been with them for “a few weeks, however it feels like years. He loves to go for his runs, and hubby is teaching him to run next to the bike. Our lives are certainly more lively with Remus, and he’s a big softy!”

Sadly Remus’ experience isn’t so rare. Many residents are overlooked time and time again because potential adopters don’t always have the time or patience to entice them out of their shell, or really get to know them.

So, we encourage you to stay a while if you’re thinking of adopting, and allow enough time to discover all the personalities on offer!

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