From Foster to Forever Home


Max arrived to us with badly injured toes which required surgery, and after care while he healed in a cast. He was fortunate to be fostered in the short-term by Sally and her husband, who wanted to (literally) get him back on his feet, and allow him to find his forever home.

Despite both Sally and her husband telling themselves and others that Max wouldn’t become a permanent part of the family, he settled into life with them extremely well. Perhaps sensing that his circumstances were set to change, Max seemed to apply the charm and his wish of a loving forever family was granted sooner than we all expected!

Foster care can be such an important phase for animals who are injured, unwell, very young or old. It allows them to be cared for and loved exclusively by their temporary guardians, and builds up their health and confidence to increase their chances of finding their forever home.

Do you have the time, space and patience to be a fosterer? We’d love to hear from you if so.

Whilst some animals are taken on permanently by their fosterers, it is never expected – we need fosterers to remain available! Saying goodbye at the end of the foster period is certainly bittersweet; bonds and friendships are formed, but allowing your animal to move on to their forever home is a reward like no other, and it’s such a vital gift to give them.

So if you would also like to help animals like Max, give us a call for a chat on 878 8733.

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